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Welcome to Vape Escape

Discussion in 'Vape Escape' started by PapaSmurf, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. PapaSmurf

    PapaSmurf Bringer of Calm ... Staff Member Admin

    Jul 2, 2015
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    About us

    When our vaping journey started for a second time in January 2014, it started with a bang.
    After some initial purchases of e-liquid from one of the mall kiosks, I was looking for something more, something different and something more affordable.

    We tried some different liquids, but it was too harsh (chemically) for me, and the thought processes kicked into high gear ...

    As I had quite a number of friends that also started vaping, I decided to start dabbling in the DIY e-liquid space, and get them to try it, and subsequently purchase from me ... that was the birth of Vape Escape. This is a sideline business, so most of my free time is spent on the forum researching and talking about vaping with the rest of the community :)

    We produce custom e-liquids, mixed to customer PG/VG requirements and Nicotine levels. For now we don't carry any pre-mixed e-liquids.

    The base liquids for our e-liquids are of the highest quality, sourced from two well-known and respected vendors in South Africa.

    Pop on over to Vape Escape, we might just have what you need (because vapers don't want stuff, we always need it :D).

    Vape Escape ... Escaping the stinkies one vape at a time.
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